Adele Laura Brain

Adele Laura Brain

Media & Communication

Personal statement

Hi, I'm Adele. I am a MA Media Production graduate. My main passion lies in television and radio and I hope to gain a career in the future as a researcher or camera operator/videographer.

I am currently looking for an entry level, junior or trainee role within the television industry in Bristol.

Previously I have set up a music video production company with my classmates at university and been involved in the creation of several television programmes. The work experience I have carried out involves working with one of the world's leading facility companies ISS on videos to help train staff at ISS and management staff across Boots UK as well as working with companies and charities creating promotional videos.

I have also had the pleasure of undertaking research of topics surrounding sexuality in the media and children's television and education in my university dissertations that have helped me to learn more about the history of the television industry and the effects that it has on viewers.

Mobile: 07794231710
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