Adarsh Pandya

Media & Communication

Personal statement

My Name is Adarsh Pandya and I am currently studying Media and Communication at Birmingham City University. I am an aspiring media professional who is due to graduate in 2019. Here you will be able to find links to CV and Linkedin profile which will showcase me better.

I have volunteered, completed work experience and worked for money in media organisations and a variety of other of industries where I have been able to develop my professional abilities.

I believe I am a person who is able to adapt to different situations well and through my professional development I have grown communication skills to fit required settings. I believe I am a hard worker and I always aim to always put my full efforts into everything to do, I do this as I have a level of respect for each piece of work I complete.

I have a huge interest in creating documentaries and I am currently editing a documentary on women's inequality in education and employment in India. This is the biggest project I have embarked on and wish to continue to make similar documentaries here in the UK and worldwide. I also have a big passion for teaching and football which I wish to combine in the future for a potential business Idea.

Adarsh Pandya
Contact number: +44 7956284379