Abigail Thomson

Abigail Thomson

Media & Communication


Personal statement

I'm Abbie, a Media and Communications broad course student. Throughout the three years I have remained on the broad course, however through modules I have been drawn to a career in Public Relations.

Here is a link to my professional website -


On my professional website you will find information about me, including a link to my personal blog which I kept updated throughout my time a university. Also on my professional website you will find an updated CV, a selection of work I have produced throughout my time on this course (one of which working with a real client), work experience I have been involved in and links to all my current social media accounts.

Throughout my time on the course I have engaged with many modules and all though PR is the route I would love to go down, I have been incredibly lucky to learn other invaluable skills in other modules, one of which learning what it would be like to work on a professional level TV show. Working within this team, in particular I worked within the around gallery, I understood what it was like to work under pressure, in a fast paced environment, which I know will be highly beneficial for any job role.

Being around other media driven students opened up a world of creativity for me which I hadn't experienced before coming to university. Being involved in multiple PR campaigns (discussed further on my website) and being given the opportunity to work with live clients (discussed on my website) made me understand the influence we as media students can have on the world once we graduate, with the help of the skills learnt throughout my time on this course.

All of the projects I have been involved within has been explicitly explained on my professional website which I have linked above.