Abigail Daniels

Abigail Daniels

Media Production


Personal statement

My name is Abigail Daniels and I am currently in my last year of studying Media Production (BA Hons) at Birmingham City University, I am extremely excited as I am on track to graduate this July.

I have an on growing love for television presenting, however I also have experience in radio presenting.

My primary objective is to break into the television industry and explore the world of presenting. As the world of social media is ever changing and growing, I am using my social media and online platforms such as YouTube and Instagram to showcase my presenting and media skills.

This compliments my experience in social media marketing I have learned through my work experiences. I desire to keep developing the skills I have acquired, implementing it in my personal social media brand.

If I had to describe myself in one word it would be Joyful, I never let a day go by without being grateful to be alive. I carry this positive mentality into everything I do, therefore when I am having a testing day, I simply step back and remember how appreciative I am to be alive trusting that things will work themselves out.

To view my personal online platform, click the computer icon that is underneath the 'social' heading on the right-hand side of the screen.

My CV is available to download!

Please go and explore my website: https://abidaniels99.wixsite.com/abidaniels

Want to get into contact with me?
My contact details are:
Mobile: 07986982366
Email: abidaniels99@icloud.com